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There is no doubt that having a good toilet is an important part of every home. Some people often refer to the toilet as the seat of inspiration. This is because people often think about a wide range of things while using the toilet. The toilet should be a comfortable and nice place. In order to achieve this, there are several conditions that need to be satisfied. One such condition is the size of the toilet. The size of the toilet is important to its comfort and ergonomics. You do not want a toilet that is too short, too tall, too wide or too narrow. The size of other parts of the toilet, such as the seat, bowl and tank have to also be considered as they are equally very paramount. Deciding on the right toilet size for one’s needs is often a difficult task. Many people do not know what to look out for, and this leads to them making selections that they rue afterwards. There are several factors to consider when looking to select a toilet size to go for. Each and every one of these factors has been expertly curated. They will be extensively discussed here and, after reading this, you will be able to select the perfect toilet size for your needs.

Key factors that determine toilet size

Toilet Type: One Piece vs. Two Piece 

These are the two major types of toilets. The one-piece toilet is one in which the toilet bowl and the toilet tank are fused together as one single unit without any joints. Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, are toilets whereby the toilet bowl and the toilet tank are distinct. They are usually joined together by joints and fittings. A one-piece toilet is a good option if you are looking to conserve space in your bathroom. The one-piece toilet is very compact and easy to install, so it gives you extra inches of space. However, if you are not particular about a compact toilet size, then you can go for the two-piece toilet.

Tank or Tank-less toilets:

A tank-less toilet (credit: besttoiletguide.net)

There are toilets with tanks and toilets without tanks. If you are looking for a toilet that is extremely compact, then the toilets without tanks are definitely for you. These toilets are designed such that they take the most important parts of a toilet and combine it into just the seat. These toilets can also be customized, saving you more space. If you are really looking for a small and compact toilet, then this is the best you can get without compromising on the size of the toilet seat. Perhaps the biggest advantage of these toilets is that they can be installed wherever there is an access to plumbing or an outlet. These toilets are also available in various styles, so you need not worry about compromising on aesthetics for size. Tanked

Rough-In Size:

Knowledge of rough-in size is essential (Besttoiletguide.net)

This is an important measurement that determines the size of the toilet you should go for. The rough-in size is simply defined as the measurement from the wall behind your toilet to the nearest bolt of the toilet. Essentially, this dimension is used to reflect the distance of your toilet from your wall. Knowing the rough in size is important in purchasing a toilet that would fit into your plumbing setup.

Bowl Height and Seat size/type:

This is another set of important factors that determine the toilet size you should go for. There are different sizes and types of seats. The most popular types are the round ones and the elongated ones. You need to find a seat size that will fit in easily into your overall toilet setup. The height of your toilet bowl is another thing to be considered. This one varies a lot, as there are different heights available on the market. You need to determine your comfort level, as well as the comfort level of other users of the toilet. The last thing you want is a bowl height where your feet will not touch the floor when you sit down. You also do not want a short toilet bowl height where you will feel discomfort when sitting down. Keeping all these in mind will ensure you select the right bowl height for you.


Selecting the right toilet size is not an easy task. No matter what your preferences are, you need to pay attention to the factors listed here and how they could affect your choice. Often times, one might need to compromise on certain factors because it is difficult getting the exact perfect toilet size for you. If you are particular about space, then the combination of factors that provide for a compact toilet size should be your concern. However, if you have a lot of space to spare for your toilet, then your choice should be very much easier. Wherever you stand, the factors explained here will guide you to selecting the right toilet size for you.