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So you are looking to buy a toilet, and you have decided on a brand, a color etc. After making several decisions up to this point, you are told that there are one piece and two piece toilets, and you need to make yet another decision. One piece and two piece categories sound really technical to the layman. Many people do not know what they represent, talk less about making a choice between them. This often leads to choosing the wrong one for your needs. Worry not though, because all your concerns are about to be cleared. We will extensively and carefully explain everything about one piece and two piece toilets to you. We will not stop there, as we will also highlight the differences between these two types of toilets. If you are looking to select between them, more than enough insight will also be provided that will help you make the right decision. After reading this article, you will have an in-depth knowledge of one piece and two piece toilets.

Basic structure of a water closet toilet

Water closet toilets usually consist of three major parts – the bowl, the pedestal and the tank. The toilet bowl is designed to collect waste and flush the waste out to the drain pipeline. The toilet pedestal is designed to the required height to the water closet toilet. Lastly, the tank of the toilet is used to store water and provide required pressure to flush waste out of the toilet. The arrangement, design and relationship between all of these three parts constitute the definition of one piece and two piece toilets.

What is a one piece toilet?

A one-piece toilet (credit – toiletfound.com)

A one-piece toilet is one in which the toilet bowl and tank are attached together without any joints. The one-piece toilet has the tank fused together with other the toilet bowl as one single unit. There is no clear seam of attachment in this type of toilets. One piece toilets are also known as single piece toilets. This type of toilet design is more recent than two-piece toilets.

What is a two piece toilet?

A two-piece toilet (credit – toiletfound.com)

A two-piece toilet is one in which the tank and toilet bowl are separate and joined together using fittings. Two-piece toilets are also known as coupled toilets. A clear joint between the toilet bowl and tank is visible in two-piece toilets. This type of toilets has been around for quite some time.

One piece toilet VS Two Piece toilet

We will proceed to compare one piece and two piece toilets based on some important factors. The comparison is outlined below:

  • Price: The price of an item is usually a major point. There are various brands and styles of both one piece and two piece toilets, so there are various price ranges for various styles. However, one piece toilets are generally more expensive than two-piece toilets. The production cost of one piece toilets are higher than that of two-piece toilets, and this is reflected in the price difference. The two-piece toilet edges it here if you are looking for a budget toilet.
  • Repair and Replacement: When it comes to repair and replacement, the two-piece toilet wins again. For a two-piece toilet, you only need to replace either the toilet bowl or tank if one gets spoilt. However, for one piece toilets, you would need to replace the entire toilet unit.
  • Performance: There is no clear winner in terms of performance. Both these toilet types have advanced toilet technology, depending on the brand and model.
  • Installation: Installing a one piece toilet is far easier than installing a two piece toilet. Since you are only dealing with a single piece, it is easy to quickly setup one piece toilets. For two piece toilets, you have to fit the various parts into one single unit, and this could take some time.
  • Durability: One piece toilets are generally more durable than two piece toilets. Few parts of one piece toilets are exposed and this protects it from external elements. The fewer separate parts in one piece toilets also make it more durable than two-piece toilets.
  • Size: One piece toilets are compact and can easily fit into a toilet space. However, if you look at the transportation of both these types of toilets, you would realize that it is easier to transport two piece toilets than one piece toilets. So, these toilets have their advantages and disadvantages based on size.
  • Maintenance: It is easier to clean and maintain one piece toilets. Very often in two-piece toilets, dirt always hides in the joints and fittings. The crevices in two-piece toilets could become breeding grounds for bacteria.


We have comprehensively discussed one piece and two piece toilets. The many differences between these two types of toilets have also been revealed. One piece and two toilets are very often confused for one another. However, now that you have read this, you can not only differentiate between one piece and two piece toilets, but you can also select the best one for your needs.