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A toilet is made up of several components. Almost every one of these components has different types. This means that choosing the wrong type of a component can prove detrimental to the overall performance of your toilet. One such toilet component is the toilet bowl. The importance of a toilet bowl in toilets cannot be overstated. However, given the numerous brands and types of toilet bowls out there, it is always difficult deciding on the best toilet bowl for your needs. If you get your toilet bowl wrong, your toilet is as good as useless. This is why it is important to look beyond the brand names when looking to purchase a toilet bowl. Even at that, the choice of the right toilet bowl is not made any easier. Given the critical nature of this problem, we have decided to tackle it head-on. We will help you simplify your decision making process as regards the best toilet bowl for your toilet. More than enough insight will be provided into choosing the right toilet bowl, and after reading this, your selection problem will be behind you.

Factors to consider when looking to buy a toilet bowl

There are several important factors that should be considered when looking to buy a toilet bowl that will adequately satisfy your needs. Many of these factors are often overlooked and not considered important. Ignoring these factors could lead to the selection of a toilet bowl that you might not be happy with. These factors have been expertly reviewed and they are discussed below:

  • Cost of toilet bowl: This is the first and most important factor to consider when looking to buy the right toilet bowl for you. Different types and brands of toilet bowls have different price ranges. It is likely that you have a budget in mind for a toilet bowl. It is a good idea to check for toilet bowls that are within your budget. You can also decide to check for bowls above your budget and decide whether or not they are worth stepping up your budget.
  • The material of toilet bowl: Toilet bowls are often made of porcelain. However, other materials have been on the rise, such as stainless steel, resin and polymers. It is important you get a material that will be easy to maintain. You also want one that when waste hits the inside of the toilet, it flushes easily. Looks are also important, so you should consider this in your selection of toilet bowl material.
  • Toilet bowl size: You need to consider the size of a toilet bowl before deciding whether it is the best one for you. Every measurement is important, but the height of the toilet bowl should be given more weight. Standard toilet bowl rims are located about 15 inches above the floor. However, some newer ones reach up to 19 inches. Settling for the middle – 17 inches – is a good choice for toilet bowl height.

You need a good toilet bowl size (Credit – besttoiletguide.net)

  • The shape of toilet bowl: The shape of the toilet bowl is also very important in your search for the right toilet bowl. If a toilet bowl is elongated, it provides more space for seating and minimizes the escape of odor from the toilet. However, elongated bowls occupy more space. You need to balance a tradeoff between the space to be consumed and the benefits of the toilet bowl shape.
  • Trap Size of toilet bowl: This is another important factor to consider when buying a toilet bowl as it has an effect on your toilet in the long run. Whenever a toilet is clogged, it is often as a result of a small trap size, leading to a backlog of waste in the trap area. Selecting a toilet bowl with a good size will reduce the likelihood of you dealing with a clogged toilet.
  • Advanced Features: With advancement in technology, toilet bowls possess extra features these days. One such feature is self-cleaning. Some toilets feature new technology simulates cyclones and automatically cleans your toilet thoroughly in a single 360 motion. Other toilets possess a number of water jets that are strategically placed to clean every nook and cranny of your toilet bowl.

You need a good toilet bowl finishing (Credit – besttoiletguide.net)

  • Finishing of toilet bowl: The finishing of your toilet bowl is not only important because of aesthetics. Some features like the self-cleaning functionality require good toilet bowl finishing to work effectively. Hence, you should always look out for a toilet bowl with a good finish when looking to select one.


Whenever you are looking to select a toilet bowl, the factors explained here should be at the back of your mind. Ignoring anyone of these factors could prove detrimental to your selection process. From material to cost to toilet bowl measurements, everything listed here should be considered. Now that you know everything to consider when looking to buy a toilet bowl, you can be sure to make the right decision for your needs.