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The toilet is often reputed for being the place where people get to plan for their day or think up random ideas. Forget the fact that the toilet is primarily for the dissemination of waste, you still need to comfortable in it.

Toilets are mostly used for years, so the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while using the toilet. One such way of ensuring comfort is via your choice of toilet seat material. You would definitely want a material that does not hurt you when you sit on it. There are also other factors to consider like the longevity and maintenance of the toilet material.

Many people do not pay attention to toilet seat materials, and this should not be so. There are various types of toilet materials and a variety of designs to choose from. All of these types, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages, will be discussed here. After reading this article, you will able to select the best toilet material for your needs.

Types of toilet seat materials

There are two main classes of toilet seat materials, however, these two classes are further divided into different types. Every single class and type will be considered in this article.

1. Plastic Toilet Seats:

These are generally toilet seats made out of plastic. There are different types of plastics, each with different properties. As a result, there are also different types of plastic toilet seats, and they are explained below:

  • Thermoset toilet seats: These plastic toilet seats are also called thermodur or duroplasts. Thermoset toilet seats are very durable as their material makes them largely unable to be scratched. This type of toilet seats is also very easy to clean and maintain, as it can completely be cleaned with soap and water only. A single clean of this type of toilet seat can make it sparkling new. Aesthetically, this material holds its own. It commonly comes in white, but it also has various other colour variations.
  • Thermoplastic toilet seats: These plastic toilet seats are also known as polypropylene. They are aesthetically appealing and have perhaps the best look amongst plastic toilet seats. They have very shiny looks and their glossy appearance is sure to cause second stares. Thermoplastic toilet seats are also very strong. They can withstand high load effects and would have to be extremely stressed to break. Another good attribute of thermoplastic toilet seats is the fact that they are very affordable. Despite the many advantages, these toilet seats also have backdrops. For one, they are not scratch resistant. Also, dust and other debris can easily stick to the material.
  • Resin toilet seats: Resin toilet seats are the latest types of plastic toilet seats.

Resin seats allow manufacturers customize them into whatever design. These toilet seats can take up any colour. They can also be designed to be see-through. Fancy objects and patterns can be embedded into these toilet seats to further enhance their visual appeal.

2. Wooden Toilet Seats:

This is the second type of toilet seats and there are two major types.

  • MDF Wooden toilet seats: MDF (full meaning – medium density fibreboard) toilet seats are those made from wooden sheets which are made up of wood flour. These wood flour are coated and covered in Synthetic resin which is altered by two processes – compression and lacquering. As a result of the multiple-layer coating, these toilet seats possess a hygienic and comfortable feel. They are also very easy to clean because of this multilayer feature. MDF toilet seats come in a variety of colors and various design options. However, the white MDF wooden seat is the most popular one. Furthermore, there are differences in the method of manufacturing MDF wooden toilet seats, but essentially, it is always a combination of synthetic resins and wood flours.
  • Natural wooden toilet seats: These type of toilet seats are also known as solid toilet seats. They are made of wood or bamboo gotten from Mahogany, Oak or Pine. Depending on the quality of the coating process and the wood, the durability of these types of wooden toilets can vary. The best part about this type of toilet seat is that it keeps its natural look.


The importance of toilet seat materials should not be overlooked. As you can see, there are different types of toilet seat materials available on the market. They come in various designs and color variations, so one is never short of choices to make. While it is a good thing to have a wide range of things to choose from, it can be overwhelming sometimes. This is why this article has comprehensively discussed the important features of the different types of toilet seat materials. The various features discussed here will help you decide what type of toilet material to go for.